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Mission Statement

At American Dance Embassy, we seek to inspire, cultivate, and evolve artistic expression. Our mission is to not only serve the dance community, but to serve visionaries, pioneers, and patrons of the arts. We’ve concentrated our efforts to create a safe space for artists to be free to create, collaborate with other artists, laugh, and feel at home.

Message from Director, Joseph Webb
I’ve danced in countries all over the world, met wonderful and talented people, received many awards and accolades, and have been celebrated and held in high regard by critics on an international level. I am grateful for these experiences and the opportunity to share my art, but every time I came home, I realized I never really had a performing arts space I can really call home. This space is invaluable to any artist no matter where you are in your career; you always need a space to rehearse and build with other performing artists. Not only did I want to provide this space for myself, but other performing artists, as well as friends, associates, and the dance community. As much as I enjoy performing on stages internationally, teaching has always had a sincere, special place in my heart. This space is the manifestation of my desires to provide the ultimate service to the arts community. The American Dance Embassy not only provides top notch, high level instruction in performing arts, but we also offer practices that go hand-in-hand with dance such as vocal training, theater, creative movement, and mindfulness breathwork. We look forward to seeing you at American Embassy of Dance.



American Embassy of Dance

4908 Wisconsin Ave
Washington, DC 20016

ph: 202.537.3333

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